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Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act

Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act

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Uyarntha Uzhaipalar Viruthu

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List of Dangerous Operations

List of Dangerous Operations prescribed under rule 95 of Tamil Nadu Factories Rules 1950

Schedule I
Manufacture of aerated water and process incidental thereto
Schedule II
Electrolytic plating or oxidation of metal article by use of an electrolyte containing chromic acid or other chromium compounds
Schedule III
Manufacture and repair of electric accumulators
Schedule IV
Glass manufacture
Schedule V
Grinding or glazing of metals and processes incidental thereto
Schedule VI
Manufacture and treatment of lead and certain compounds of lead
Schedule VII
Generation of Gas from dangerous petroleum
Schedule VIII
Cleaning or smoothing, roughening etc., of articles, by a jet of sand, metal shot, or grit or other abrasive propelled by blast of compressed air or steam
Schedule IX
Liming and tanning of rawhides and skins and process incidental thereto
Schedule X
Cellulose spraying
Schedule XI
Graphite powdering
Schedule XII
Printing presses and type of foundries - certain lead process carried on therein
Schedule XIII
Cashewnut processing
Schedule XIV
Dyeing, stenciling and painting of mats, mattings and carpets in coir and fibre factories
Schedule XV
Pottery and ceramic industry
Schedule XVI
Chemical Works
Schedule XVII
Manufacture of dichromates
Schedule XVIII
Compression of oxygen and hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water
Schedule XIX
Manipulation of stone or any other material containing free silica
Schedule XX
Handling and processing of asbestos, manufacture of any article of asbestos and other process of manufacture or otherwise in which asbestosis used in any form
Schedule XXI
Handling and manipulation of corrosive substances
Schedule XXII
Manufacture or manipulation of Cacinogenic Dye intermediates
Schedule XXIII
Process of extracting oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources in solvent extraction plants
Schedule XXIV
Fireworks Manufactories and Match factories
Schedule XXV
Manufacture or manipulation of manganese and its compounds
Schedule XXVI
Carbon-di-Sulphide Plants
Schedule XXVII
Manufacture, handling and use of Benzene
Schedule XXVIII
Operations involving high noise levels
Schedule XXIX
Manufacture or manipulation of dangerous pesticides
Schedule XXX
Manufacture of Rayon by Viscose process
Schedule XXXI
Flammable Liquefied or compressed gases and highly flammable liquids
Schedule XXXII
Operations in foundries

List of Hazardous Process


List of hazardous Process indicated under section 2(cb) of factories Act 1948

    1. Ferrous Metallurgical Industries

    • Integrated iron and Steel
    • Ferro-alloys
    • Special Steels

    2. Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industries

    • Primary Metallurgical Industries, namely, zinc, lead, copper, manganese and aluminium


    • Casting and forgins including cleaning or smoothening/roughening by sand and shot blasting

    4. Coal industries

    • Coal, Lignite, Coke, etc.
    • Fuel Gases (including Coal Gas, producer Gas, Water Gas)

    5. Power Generating Industries

  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
    • Nitrogenous
    • Phosphatic
    • Mixed
  • Cement Industries
    • Portland Cement (including slag cement, puzzolona cement and their products)
  • Petroleum Industries
    • Oil Refining
    • Lubricating Oils and Greases
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Narcotics, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Fermentation Industries
  • Rubber
  • Paints and Pigment Industries
  • Leather Tanning Industries
  • Electro-plating Industries
  • Chemical Industries
    • Coke Oven By-products and Coaltar distillation products
    • Industrial Gases (nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, argon, carbondioxide, hydrogen, sulphurdioxide, nitrous oxide, halogenated hydrocarbon, ozone, etc.)
    • Industrial Carbon
    • Alkakies and Acids
    • Chromates and dichromates
    • Lead and its compounds
    • Electrochemicals (metallic sodium, potassium and magnesium, chlorates, perchlorates and peroxides )
    • Electrothermal produces (artificial abrasive, calcium carbide)
    • Nitrogenous compounds(cyanides, cyanamides, and other nitrogenous compounds)
    • Phosphorous and its compounds
    • Halogens and Halogenated compounds(Chlorine, flourine, Bromine and Lodine)
    • Explosives (including industrial explosives and detonators and fuses)
  • Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and other Pesticides Industries
  • Synthetic Resin and Plastics
  • Man-made Fiber industry
  • Manufacture and repair of electrical accumulators
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Grinding or glazing of metals
  • Manufacture, handling and processing of asbestos and its products
  • Extraction of oils and fats from vegetables and animal sources
  • Manufacture, handling and use of benzene and substances containing benzene
  • Manufacturing process and operations involving carbon disulphide
  • Dyes and Dyestuff including their intermediates
  • Highly flammable liquids and gases

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